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What is freeze drying?


Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a low temperature dehydration process. This process involves freezing the product in temperatures ranging between -30 °C and -80 °C, lowering the pressure and then removing the ice by sublimation. This means water is removed straight from ice to vapour, without entering a liquid phase. Passing the liquid phase saves the structure of the product, thus preserving the flavours and nutritional value. It is a special form of drying that removes all moisture and has less of an effect on a foods taste and nutritional value than normal dehydration does. In comparing the various methods of food preservation, it is important to remember the three things that can cause food to deteriorate: heat, water and oxygen. For example, during canning 50 to 60% of the nutritional value is lost. In dehydrating around 40% is lost. Whereas, only 3% of the foods nutritional value is lost in freeze drying. It is truly a unique process that can be used for any foods and has even been utilised by the NASA space program!  This is why we firmly believe in our product and are passionate about sharing it with you. 

What are the benefits?

  • 100% pure and natural! The only ingredient in our products is 100% fruit. That means no additives, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, non GMO, no added sugar, raw and vegan!

  • Nutritional! Our freeze dried products lose nothing but water during the process of freeze drying. They retain 97% of their nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants!

  • Long shelf life! When properly stored, freeze dried fruit and powders have a long shelf life. Our products remain dry and have a long shelf life because they are packaged in high quality PET tins that are recyclable and can later be reused!

  • Easy! Because freeze dried products lose nothing but water, their taste, smell and shape remain the same. What changes is the weight! 100g of regular fruit makes about 10 g of freeze dried ones. This makes them the perfect on the go snack, whether that's to snack on at work, on a hike or even a camping trip! Easy and delicious!

  • TASTY! The most important thing of all!

Try it:​

Our products are completely versatile and can be used for pretty much anything you can dream of, here are just a few ideas...

  • As a tasty, easy on the go snack 

  • With porridge, cereal, yoghurt, French toast and pancakes 

  • Smoothie bowls, smoothies, protein shakes and teas. Also wonderful in cocktails or as a garnish

  • Go beautifully in sauces paired with all kinds of meat, poultry and fish

  • Delicious in pies and pastries

  • Can be used to make rich and tasty jam

  • Natural food colouring

  • Use to make homemade ice cream

  • Ideal in baking, whether that is to make buttercream, in the mixture, sprinkled for cake topping or decoration